Managing with solar energy

It is estimated that the Sun disburses about 50,000 Exajoules of energy annually compared to a miniscule 570 Exajoules that the world totally consumes from all sources during a whole year.

We could get all the energy we need from the Sun and still have much more to spare if we could only master the technology to harness the optimum, instead of the 20% that our present day solar panels produce.

Two centuries of research and development has still eluded us the ultimate in technology. We need to expedite our efforts and come out with the right technology to harness the optimum energy from the Sun, sooner than later.

Even before we could get the technology on track we would need to apprise our fellow human beings on the advantages that we would derive if we use the energy from the Sun.

We should employ all our digital marketing strategies and resources that are at our disposal to take this message across to everyone irrespective of where they live on this resplendent planet.

It is only if new could do it successfully that we could leave behind a healthy world for our future generations.